Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order a BrowbandDesign browband, how do I find the right size?

You can find out the correct size as follows; you put your current browband in a straight line along a ruler / tape measure and take the size that comes out incl. Loops. If your current browband is a bit too tight or a bit too big, you can of course choose to order the new browband slightly larger or slightly smaller. In the photo below an example of a measurement. The browband loop stops at 42cm, which is the right size to order. * you also measure a shared loop

Browband Measure |

What is the difference between the colors Crystal & AB crystal?

Crystal is a clear (silver) stone, AB crystal lights up in many colors. Below two examples:

Crystal | Fontriemdesign.nlAB Crystal |

A stone is missing from my browband design browband, how do I put in a new one?

If you miss a stone and the cup is still intact, you can place a new stone in the empty cup.

  1. Raise the claws of the empty cup
  2. Take a spare stone from your supplied spare bag with stones
  3. Is the spare stone in a cup? Then take it out by raising all claws.
  4. Take the spare stone and place it with the tip down, possibly with a drop of rhinestone slime underneath.
  5. Is the stone nicely straight? Then you can gently push all the claws back until they fold around the stone.

Does not it work? Send your browband with your invoice (which can be found in your account) or with a note with your order number and address details to: Frontriemdesign Kibbelgaarn 8 9644 XP Veendam * ensure that your shipment is sufficiently stamped

We will process your browband as soon as it is received by us, depending on the pressure and size of the repair, you will lose your browband about 3-8 working days.

* We only repair browband design browbands. We only repair browbands of other brands in consultation and at a pre-agreed price.

I want to put together a browband with colors that are not on the website is this possible ??

We have a lot possible with regard to color stones and color combinations in the sizes 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. Send us an email with your wishes and we will contact you as soon as possible.


I would like to make a browband myself, can I purchase the materials from you.

For all the materials you need to make a browband, we would like to refer you to: , here you can purchase loose leather, glue and rhinestone chains to make your dream browband.

What are the delivery times?

In most cases, all stock products are shipped the same day. However, products that are made by hand especially for you, such as browbands, custom riding boots and, for example, certain bridles, have a manufacturing time. With these products you will see an extra tab next to the description. Here you will find the expected shipping date (not the delivery date). In practice, the products are often delivered faster.

How do I determine the correct size helmet?

If you ride a horse or work with horses, a cap is an absolute must. A cap protects your head against a blow or fall from the horse, so it is very important that your riding helmet fits well. Caps are generally available in sizes between 52 and 61 centimeters (with one centimeter offset each), but how exactly do you measure the ones you still have? The above measurements expressed in centimeters are the circumference of your head measured in centimeters. You can measure this by measuring backwards over the occipital protrusion with a measuring tape just above your eyes. The total circumference in centimeters indicates the correct size of the cap you need. Be careful not to pull the ribbon too tightly.

A capshould not be caught on your head and leave a line on your forehead when you take off your cap. Due to the soft lining you have some leeway here. More importantly, the cap is not too loose. You can check this well by fastening the riding cap without closure and with the riding cap on your head you can see if it stays in place when you bend your head forward. The riding helmet should remain in place until you sit with your chin on your chest. Make sure that you have the fastening properly while riding.