Benefits of having your own account

Your own account!
If you choose to create your own account, you will benefit from a lot of benefits.
- Your personal information is automatically saved
- Always understand your outstanding orders
- Customize your contact and shipping information yourself
- Always view your invoices
Creating an account is not required.

Yes, I want my own account, how do I do it?
Creating your own account is very easy.
- Click 'My Account'
- Click 'Register'
- Enter your email address and contact information and create your own password
- Click 'Create an account'
- Ready, you have your own account

I forgot my password, what now.
It can happen to everyone, forget a password. Fortunately, you can log in to your account again via your email address.

How do you do that?
- Click 'My Account'
- Click Login
- Click 'Forgot password'
- Enter your email address
- Within a few minutes of sending your email address, you will receive an activation link in your mail
- Click this link
- Create a new password
- Your account is again protected with a new password

Tips for a strong password

For a good password that protects your login, we give you some tips:
- Use 8 characters or more
- Use capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
- Always use a different password for each website or account
- Do not use names or date of birth, these are too easy to guess
- Change your password regularly

Save HorsePoints!
What's more fun to make a purchase and save for something fun! At Horse Boutique this is possible. Per 1 euro you save 1 HorsePoint. Do you have 100 HorsePoints? Then these are redeemable for an amount of € 5,00
You can spend this again in our webshop.