Cowboy Magic

COWBOY MAGIC® was founded in 1995 by the American horse lover Jim Cummings. He came up with the idea of taking the best care products for human hair as a starting point and transforming them into products for the horse market. The result? High-quality hair care that is suitable for both people and animals.

The first product, DETANGLER & SHINE ™, was a great success. COWBOY MAGIC® grew steadily and soon launched a whole series of revolutionary products: ROSEWATER SHAMPOO, ROSEWATER CONDITIONER, SUPER BODYSHINE®, GREENSPOT REMOVER® and SHINE IN YELLOWOUT ™.

All COWBOY MAGIC® products are subject to strict quality control. The bar is considerably higher than with care products intended for animals only. And that makes the difference!

COWBOY MAGIC® was introduced in the Netherlands by Derk Gerlof de Jonge, raised in a family of horse lovers and since 1996 the proud owner of the riding school 'Harender Molen'. During a stay in America, De Jonge became familiar with the new products. Determined to spread the magic, he created COWBOY MAGIC EUROPE.