Embroidery Boutique

In addition to our equestrian shop, Horse Boutique, we have an Embroidery Boutique, which specializes in machine embroidery of names, logos and images.
We make an embroidery entirely according to your wishes, logos can be made and colors are determined together with you. We embroider individually but you can also come to us for large numbers; companies, associations and individuals, everyone is welcome for customized advice.

Why embroider?

Embroidery stands for an exclusive and professional look. Embroidery is durable, colourfast, durable, chemically cleanable, affordable and above all beautiful!


What options are there?

We embroider on saddle pads, fleece blankets, cooler blankets, status blankets, corporate and promotional clothing, caps, bath textiles, t-shirts, jackets, body warmers, baby items, stuffed animals, towels, badges, gift items. Because of the many possibilities, it is important that we have a good picture of your wishes, which will be discussed with you before the assignment. If something is not possible, we will certainly give advice on other possible alternatives. We have various suppliers for clothing, etc. You can fit and purchase this with us, but you can of course also supply your own items that need to be embroidered.

Delivery time?

We deliver custom embroidery, the delivery time depends on the size of the order. For a few pieces this will be a few days. For larger orders, the delivery time will be discussed and determined with you. Only a name on a blanket or blanket can generally be embroidered directly, you can then wait for this with of course a cup of coffee / tea.


To be able to embroider a logo or image, we need a special embroidery file (EMB). Digitizing means that we convert your logo or image to this embroidery file. The costs to convert your logo / image to EMB are one-off. This file can be used as often as you wish. The costs of digitizing are € 25.00 excl. VAT.

The costs per embroidery depend on the number of embroidery you need and the format of this, for a quotation you can email us without obligation: info @ horseboutique.