Kep Italia

Kep Italia

Why Kep Italia?

The safest helmet with the most options

Longer back and flexible flap

The back of the helmet is very important for protecting the neck. This is longer with the Kep Italia than with most other caps. As a result, a larger part of the neck is better protected. The Kep Italia also has a flexible valve. With a direct impact of the head, part of the blow is absorbed by this valve.

High-quality use of materials

Laser perforated steel, super lightweight and durable honeycomb structures, aluminum, Carbon fiber, DDQ stainless steel, Kevlar, Polycarbonate, high-tech, hypo-allergenic and antistatic ... all high-quality materials that make our helmets safer and more resistant to hard clapping.

NEW Keppy for the little ones

The KEPPY from Kep Italia. The same safe helmet for the young riders and amazons among us. Available in sizes 49 to 53 and lots of different fun colors! You can find more information on the Keppy page or contact us for more information.

Riders who wear Kep Italia!

Emmelie scholtens

Joyce Heuitink

Sanne Voets

Marlies van Baalen

Adelinde Cornelissen

Anky van Grunsven

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