Order and delivery

What is the delivery time of Frontriemdesign front straps
All Frontriemdesign front straps are fully customized, custom and customized. After receiving your order and payment, we will endeavor to deliver all front straps within 7-14 working days . Should the delivery time take longer than expected, we will of course inform you of you. When placing a Front Belt Design Front Belt Order, the expected shipping date is always displayed.

Delivery Plastron Unique plastic resins
All Plastron Unique plastic rugs are completely handmade and custom made for our customers. Delivery time is 3-7 business days after receipt of order and payment.

Delivery stock items
If your order is in stock, it will be shipped to the specified shipping address within 1-2 business days of receipt of your payment. If you placed your order in the morning, they will often be sent the same day. If you pick up the order, you will receive a collective agreement.