Returns and Exchanges

Return Products

1 Pack well in original, undamaged packaging. Make sure everything is complete.
2 Use the Return Return Form, once it has been accepted, you can print a form.
3 Add the newly printed form to the packaging
4 Ship to the following address:
Kibbelgaarn 8, 9644 XP Veendam
5 After you have sent the parcel, please inform us of that by sending an email to .

Return your order

Are you not satisfied with your order? Within 14 days of receipt, you can return the order. This can be done online or through our stores. To sign up for a return request, go to your orders under 'My Account', select the orders you want to return one or more items to, click Return Items, then select the products and the reason for return and submit the request. We will then contact you.

If you opt for the online registration form, you will have another 14 days to return your product.

If your order is defective after 14 days, please check with Warranty Terms.

Can I trade "customized"?
For all custom items * it is possible that they can not be returned. These are made entirely to the customer's wishes. This applies to the Handicraft Terms and Conditions . If you are unhappy with the result, please let us know. Contact us via the contact form.

* Items that are customized include: Front strapDesign front straps, Plastron Unique plastic beads and Plastron Design plastrons.

Have you decided to return your order to us? Then we would like to receive your order in original condition, with packaging and completely complete. After we receive your returned order, the full amount will be paid to your account. This is the account with which you placed the order.

If we do not receive the order in original condition, you will receive 75% of the original purchase price.

We strive to deposit your purchase amount within 3 business days of receipt of your returned order. If this fails, you can rely on the amount to be paid to your account within 14 days of the return date.

The terms for returning products are for non-customized products. These products are subject to the 14-day legal notice period in which you can undo the sale. On ALL products that are customized and modified, they may not be returned. In this case, contact customer service.
Products ReTouring outside the period we do not handle in principle. Also, please contact customer service. Make sure your return is logged in at all times.