Stock status

You can immediately see whether the item you want to purchase is in stock. You can find this on the website under product information. There you can check the current stock status. When you click on the order button you will immediately see whether the item is still in stock in our warehouse.

In stock
If the item is in stock, you can order it directly online. If you prefer to pick it up, check whether the item is in stock in the relevant store. Is the item in stock online but not in the relevant store. Then you can reserve the item online and pick it up by appointment at your chosen location.

Sometimes it happens that an item is temporarily sold out.
Then leave your contact details and stay informed by email and / or text message when the item is back in stock.

The item is not yet on the market. Pre-order it. You will receive the item at home on the day of its release.

When placing a pre-order, you pay the product in full in advance.
Do you have other items on your order besides the pre-order?
Then it is true that everything is only shipped when everything is in stock.
If you prefer to receive the items that are already in stock, make a separate one
Order from.

Pre-orders can of course be picked up.

Never available again
Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that items do not return. To compensate for this, we ensure that a possible successor returns. We will also show you the best alternatives. If you are unable to find a solution, please contact us. Together we look for a suitable alternative.